19 February 2015


"The street is a school but with a very high tuition"
Karel Lampa

Pragulic is a social enterprise that challenge the stereotypes associated with homelessness by enabling people to experience the world from a homeless perspective. www.pragulic.cz

 photo pragulic_01_zpsb02bd5d2.jpg  photo pragulic_02_zps118b8da3.jpg  photo pragulic_03_zps6cf6db1f.jpg  photo pragulic_04_zps58f8a37a.jpg  photo pragulic_05_zps0f26c03c.jpg  photo pragulic_06_zps069ef1ad.jpg  photo pragulic_07_zps8c75a64a.jpg  photo pragulic_08_zps34e3eeb9.jpg  photo pragulic_09_zps82a87514.jpg  photo pragulic_10_zps962baa13.jpg  photo pragulic_11_zps33789d7f.jpg  photo pragulic_12_zps9f4288ce.jpg  photo pragulic_13_zps35d0b943.jpg

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